The Music and Myth of…

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog: The Music and Myth of….

All those who know me have probably heard by now about my efforts to become a writer. From publishing poetry almost fifteen years ago in the yearly anthologies of the German literature circle Die Stafette , to my first “solo” collection in 2004, Das Ende der Kindheit (or Childhood`s End), to my graphic novel (sans the graphic) The Recovery from a year ago (no doubt right now on the to-do list of the Editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics) I’ve constantly flirted with the written word in one way or another and have entertained the thought of becoming a full-time writer for a few years now. Alas, that has not happened. Not yet anyway.

But, much like any other skill, this one too must be honed lest it deteriorate with time. That being said with a sci-fi novel on the way and a contract from Dark Horse bound to materialize any day now I decided to practice my writing skills by creating a blog. And although the temptation to wax philosophical about a variety of topics is strong, I`ll just stick to the one I know best, namely music.

I have been an aficionado of a variety of musical types for many years now and, though my interest is mainly instrumental Jazz, I do branch out into other “genres” (under quotation marks because it is a term I really don`t believe in – but more on that later on) so I thought I might write about records and bands that I love, hoping to spark an interest in their music or at least help promote their “myth”. Thus, in the following weeks, I invite you to read my articles on: Jan Garbarek, Anouar Brahem, Al DiMeola, Amina Alaoui, Alexi Murdoch, Marc Ribot, Florence and the Machine, The Jason Domnarski Trio, Tom Waits, Miles Davis, Lucien Dubuis, Manu Katche, Al Jawalla, David Darling, Nils Peter Molvaer, Kim Kashkashian and many, many more. The “genres” will vary, the styles will vary and so will the instruments and the occasional voices but the one constant will be the esthetic value of the music brought forth by these gifted artists, each outstanding in his or her own way. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and I encourage you to comment, review and especially recommend and I hope that, together, we`ll create a “think tank” dedicated to this most delicate of art-forms.

One thing I would like to specify though is that my blog will not be dealing with music intended solely for commercial purposes; this is not a place for Lady Gaga, Skrillex, PitBull or musicians of such nature. While I know that the essence of what constitutes art is debatable and I`m sure that many people would jump at the opportunity to make a case for the aforementioned superstars and their artistic value, I do have one golden rule when it comes to music:

If it was created with minimal effort for maximum financial gain I do not consider it worthy of serious discussion.

That being said, let`s start discussing music. Please tell me your opinions and, most importantly, recommendations. On my part, I`d like to start with the music and myth of:


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