Sofia Rei European Tour 2015

Highly recommended by The Music and Myth:

Sofia Rei is starting her European tour in February. Check out the dates and see if you can catch one of her amazing shows!

Sofia was chosen one of The Music and Myth’s top female vocalists and is featured on The Music and Myth’s best vocal record of 2014.

I will be attending the Vienna show and will post a concert review and an in-depth interview with this immensely talented singer and composer.

Sofia is New York based so this European tour is a great opportunity to see her live. If you happen to be in one of the cities she’s playing, don’t hesitate to attend the show. I can not recommend her work enough!

Here is the title track (my favorite) from her most recent record, De Tierra Y Oro:

and here she is doing one of the best renditions of La Llorona you will come across:

The Music and Myth was created for musicians like her, so if you go see her show hit me up on the website and let me know what you thought!


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