Masada Marathon

Pre-Order John Zorn’s Masada Book 3: The Book Beriah on PledgeMusic

In 2018, a very important musical story reaches its final chapter. For 25 years, John Zorn’s Masada has been one of the most consistently exciting projects in the music industry. In this last songbook, the legendary composer concludes his comprehensive study of “new Jewish music” with 92 compositions over eleven albums, presented by some of the world’s most accomplished musicians.

To celebrate the event and pay tribute to one of my favorite projects in music history, I will be hosting my own Masada Marathon, with reviews of every Book Beriah record, interviews with some of the musicians as well as Masada-related articles and other goodies.

You can pre-order the complete Book Beriah through PledgeMusic and I highly recommend you do so. This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest projects ever recorded and a must-have for every serious music enthusiast.

Follow The Music and Myth to get notified of every post and become part of the summer-long Masada Marathon!


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