News: Lady Blunt Records releases a charity album dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea

On March 3, Italian label Lady Blunt Records celebrates its first year of existence with a special project dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterraneo is a neo-classical compilation featuring original compositions by international artists such as Jim Perkins, Christine Ott, Ceeys and Fiona Brice, among others.

Envisioned as “a tribute to a sea that suffers, that is now the scene of profound human and ecological drama”, Mediterraneo covers a broad spectrum of sound, from solo piano to strings, electronics, ondes martenot, kalimba and experimental guitar. 

All proceeds from the project will be donated to two Italian NGOs involved in the Mediterranean, both on the environmental side (MareVivo Onlus) and the humanitarian side (Mediterranea, Saving Humans).

The digital album is available via Bandcamp. 

Watch the official trailer below:


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