News: Bassist Mark Wade releases new album, ‘Songs From Isolation’

On September 18, bassist and composer Mark Wade releases his new album, Songs From Isolation.

Following his acclaimed 2018 trio record, Moving Day, Songs From Isolation marks the New York-based musician’s first solo project.

Produced at the artist’s home during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring of 2020, the album comprises five tracks performed exclusively on acoustic and electric bass alongside five corresponding videos that broaden the narrative scope of the music. Wade was inspired to pursue videography as a way to explore a new method of expression, fascinated by the way in which the two art forms can influence one another during the creative process.

Songs From Isolation will be released worldwide on AMP Music & Records while the videos will be available on YouTube and the artist’s website.

Check out the video for “Blues From Isolation” below!

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