Anti-genre indie pranksters, SeepeopleS, release lockdown video for their new single, ‘Blink’

On May 8, New England indie band SeepeopleS released their new single, “Blink”.

Faced with the cancellation of tours, release schedules and video shoots, the self-described “anti-genre indie pranksters” turned to their fans to help them create a “remote” music video featuring scenes of life under lockdown, as well as a few cameos by close friends and musical collaborators. The video, which bandleader Will Bradford describes as their “little quarantine community art project”, was directed by award-winning filmmaker, Anthony Marshall.

The candid, sometimes controversial band is not unaccustomed to getting creative with the zeitgeist. Their last release, “New American Dream“, was, at one point, banned from social media for mocking the power-lust of political leaders from the past and present.

“Blink” is the first single off their upcoming album Field Guide for Survival In This Dying World, scheduled for release in late fall 2020 on RascalZRecordZ. This marks the group’s first collection of original material since 2017’s “Hate” EP 

Check it out below!

You can find out more about this exciting, adventurous project at Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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