News: Guitarist and composer Alper Tuzcu releases Imagina, part two of his EP series

Istanbul-born guitarist, composer and producer Alper Tuzcu has released Imagina (Palma Records), part two of a three-part EP series that pays homage to Latin American culture.

Like his previous release, Migrante, Imagina features Berklee College of Music alumni from countries such as Italy, United States, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Turkey.

Consisting of three original compositions, the new EP is inspired by fictional towns from the novels of Gabriel García Marquez, soundscapes of Barcelona, percussion from the Andes mountains and Turkish folk melodies.

Imagina was originally envisioned as a completely acoustic EP. Due to the current circumstances, only part of the sessions could be completed. Encouraged by the success (especially in Latin America) of his 2019 Bossa Nova single “Felicidade“, which gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify, Tuzcu used data from streaming services like Spotify to analyze which instruments could be used as digital samples to complement the rest of the EP. By making use of data, he made his creative decisions to complete the arrangements on Imagina.

You can find the new EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Find out more about Alper’s work at his website.


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