News: British rock band The Wood Demons release their debut album, ‘Angels of Peckham Rye’

Following their 2017 EP The Lost Domain, England-based alt/prog rock band The Wood Demons release their debut full-length album, Angels of Peckham Rye.

Drawing from the likes of Caravan, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Genesis, the band’s signature sound combines electric violin and mellotronesque synths with epic instrumental and vocal melodies.

The music covers a wide array of topics, venturing into the minds of deranged composers, into outer space for an Earth-shattering event (quite literally!), describing a peculiar case of zoomorphism and reflecting on the loss of innocence and the desire for transcendence.

The album’s focus track, “Arithmomania,” centers on the psychology of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, whose precarious balance between an obsession with counting and his fervent faith resulted in famously epic symphonies.

Check out “Arithmomania” below!

Angels of Peckham Rye is available on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms, with a limited CD run available on Bandcamp and Amazon.

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