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Video Premiere: Dubai-based mezzo-soprano Yana Mann presents ‘El Amor’ off her upcoming debut album, ‘Poemas de bar Op.12’

Dubai-based Russian mezzo-soprano Yana Mann releases “El Amor,” the second single off her upcoming debut studio album Poemas de bar Op. 12.

With music and lyrics by Brooklyn-based pianist, composer and filmmaker Julián De La Chica, Poemas de bar Op. 12 was inspired by the kinds of conversations that take place in bars in the early hours of the morning.

“These are casual conversations,” Yana explains. “And when I talk about a bar, I specifically mean a neighborhood bar, that is, the kind of bar where you go for a drink because you’ve had a long day at work; the kind of bar where you go with your best friend to tell them about a problem; the kind of bar where, if you lose your wallet, it doesn’t matter anyways since you can pay next week.”

The dark, pensive music captures moments of intimate, sometimes anonymous confessions, painful recollections and nocturnal reflections on life, death, love and loss.

In “El Amor” a woman laments her loveless life. “Old and lonely, I await full of regret in a bar in the city,” she confides to the listener, before acknowledging that “love goes away when there is no abnegation.” (Orig. “Vieja y sola, espero arrepentida en una bar de la ciudad. El amor se va, cuando no hay renuncia.)

The Music and Myth is proud to premiere the strikingly beautiful and intriguing video for “El Amor,” directed by Julián De La Chica. You can watch it below!

Poemas de bar Op. 12 will be released on May 21 via Irreverence Group Music. The album will be available on CD and all digital platforms.

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