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News: Composer and multi-instrumentalist Christine Ott premieres a new poem ahead of her upcoming album, ‘Time to Die’

For the upcoming release of her fourth album, Time to Die (Gizeh Records), French composer and multi-instrumentalist Christine Ott has prepared a special ‘deluxe’ edition (CD and Blue Vinyl) which includes the score of the album’s second single, “Miroirs,” inserted in a booklet silkscreened by Richard Knox, as well as an unpublished poem meant to expand the record’s concept and listening experience.

“A l’aube des matins bleus” (“At the dawn of blue mornings”) is a poetic plea to awaken our ecological conscience in front of all the natural beauty that could potentially disappear as a result of human intervention. Evoking the cinematography of Robert Flaherty’s “Man of Aran” as well as the “Lord of the Rings” saga, the poem concludes with an excerpt from the “Tears in Rain” monologue delivered by Rutger Hauer at the end of “Blade Runner.” The quote also appears in the album’s title track.

With the artist’s permission, The Music and Myth proudly premieres “A l’aube des matins bleus,” presented here in its original French version alongside an English translation.

Time to Die will be released on April 9 via Gizeh Records.


A l’aube des matins bleus…

A l’aube des matins bleus
J’ai vu au loin le scintillement des montagnes enneigées
j’ai parcouru des sentiers sinueux hantés par des esprits nocturnes
j’ai vu des forêts envoûtées, des arbres aux racines noueuses,
J’ai observé et humé leurs mousses de velours,
Perlées de gouttes de rêves que j’ai tenues dans mes mains.

A l’aube des matins bleus
J’ai survolé les grands espaces et observé des myriades d’étoiles
j’ai suivi les oies sauvages chavirées par les vents violents
j’ai entendu les chants mélismatiques des oiseaux éperdus de liberté
J’ai senti sur mon corps l’air qui sifflait et fouettait
J’ai retenu mon souffle pour garder en mémoire le son du froissement de leurs ailes.

A l’aube des matins bleus
J’ai marché pieds nus dans le désert et aperçu des mirages dorés
J’ai imaginé des routes secrètes, des murailles sculptées et des paysages lunaires
J’ai croisé des animaux sauvages et respiré des fleurs aux senteurs minérales
J’ai senti le feu sur mes lèvres et mes mains trembler
J’ai fermé les yeux pour garder en mémoire les caresses de la brise du soir.

A l’aube des matins bleus
J’ai vu les côtes sauvages des Îles d’Aran
J’ai couru au hasard des récifs balayés par les vents
J’ai plongé dans les eaux profondes pour écouter le chant des baleines
J’ai vu les barques frêles et scintillantes des elfes disparaître sur les eaux calmes
Et s’en aller vers des contrées lointaines et les Terres Immortelles.

« I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe
All those moments will be lost in time,
like tears in the rain…»

Christine Ott


At the dawn of blue mornings…

At the dawn of blue mornings
I’ve seen the snowy mountains sparkling
I’ve gone through winding pathways haunted by night spirits
I’ve seen bewitched woods, trees with gnarled roots
I’ve observed and smelled their velvet mosses,
Pearls and drops of dream which I held in my hands.

At the dawn of blue mornings
I’ve flown over the great outdoors and watched myriads of stars
I’ve followed the wild geese hustled by the strong winds
I’ve heard the melismatic songs of birds, overwhelmed with freedom
I’ve felt the air all over my body, whistling and whipping
I’ve held my breath to remember the sound of their wings rustling.

At the dawn of blue mornings
I’ve walked in the desert and saw golden mirages
I’ve imagined secret paths, sculpted high walls and lunar landscapes
I’ve come across wild animals and smelled flowers with mineral scents
I’ve felt the fire on my lips and my hands shaking
I’ve closed my eyes to remember the gentle touch of the evening breeze.

At the dawn of blue mornings
I’ve seen the wild coasts of the Aran Islands
I’ve run amongst the reefs swept by winds and storms
I’ve dived into the deep waters to listen to the whale song
I’ve seen the frail sailing boats of the elves vanishing over the Great Sea
To faraway places and Undying Lands.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe
All those moments will be lost in time,
like tears in the rain…”

Christine Ott
Translated by and with the precious advice of Rozenn Yvon.

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